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Link to my photo gallery

Now that I have the gallery integrated, you can visit the gallery over here.


Interesting article on overbearing parents of college kids..

As a older sibling, I have seen some of this with my two younger sisters.

Check it out

Open-Source Street View? Google Says Not Yet, but Soon Enough?

Popular mechanics poses an interesting question.. will google allow user data to override/enhance existing data?

Current savings of people in the USA.

How do you stack up against the rest of the US in terms of retirement money?

Suze Orman Gives good holiday spending advice..

I think Suze is right on here.. If you can't afford to pay your bills, save for retirement and have an emergency fund, then you should take this Holiday off.. or at least cut back. Why put yourself through the headache of paying for this holiday until the end of next year or longer?

Five Ways to Avoid Holiday Overspending.

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New Xmas present idea?


I have started a new website that will help you determain if the site you are currently browsing is safe or not. If you want, you can download the firefox extension ove

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